What services does DAS provide?

Expertly completing your SSA Disability Application and/or your Reconsideration
Appeal, and providing to you guidance through the Evaluation Process are the
services that we provide to you. Providing the highest level of these services to you
involves correctly understanding how to present the severity of your disability and why
it impacts your ability to work. If the application and/or appeal are done incorrectly, or
if they are not thorough or accurate, your claim will be denied. In order to ensure this
does not happen, a Disability Application Specialist will spend approximately one to
two hours on the phone with you completing your application and/or appeal. At the end of the conversation you will have a
completed, ready to be submitted, Disability Application and/or your Reconsideration Appeal that ensures that the SSA and
Disability Determination Services (DDS) is provided with the information they need to properly evaluate your condition(s),
medical and work history, and financial profile. Thereafter, we will send you an easy to follow; step-by-step instructional
manual that will guide you through the Evaluation Process.  This tool will empower you to take full control of your disability
claim. The manual will contain the following information:  

     A. An explanation of the Evaluation Process.

     B. A timeline that will show you what to expect at each stage of the Evaluation Process and when to follow-up with
          your local SSA and DDS offices for status on your claim.

     C. Sample forms that the SSA and DDS offices may ask you to complete. The sample forms will contain tips on
          how best to complete them, giving you the best  opportunity to present and win your claim.

     D. Impairment Questionnaire Form(s) for your doctor to complete. These forms can go a long way toward providing
          to you the medical evidence you need to win your  claim.  

We provide all of this to you because we understand how complicated and overwhelming the Disability Application and/or
Reconsideration Appeal process is for most people, especially when experiencing the stress associated with being unable
to work. Applicants filing independently can be confused by the complexity and many requirements of a Disability Application
and/or Reconsideration Appeal, thus resulting in mistakes that may lead to the denial of their claim. Our Disability
Application Specialists know how to properly complete your application and/or appeal and avoid the pitfalls and mistakes
made when filing independently. We will utilize our twenty plus years of disability advocacy experience to ensure that the
severity of your disability and your inability to work are expertly and effectively presented.

NOTE: We do not represent people at the Hearing or Appeal Council levels of a disability claim.  If you are at those levels of
a disability claim, you should consult with an attorney.
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